Three years ago, Gayle Pierce, created the parade that rolled for the first time in 2019 along Ponce De Leon Ct. on the unincorporated Fort Morgan peninsula.

It's not your average Mardi Gras parade, "golf carts, cars, jeeps, boats. Some people have taken trailers and decorated them," Pierce says. All parading down the coast the Sunday before Fat Tuesday.

Unfortunately, this year's parade request was denied by the Baldwin County commission due to Covid concerns. The residents of Fort Morgan look forward to parading next year, with the parade date set for February 27, 2022, at 1 pm. The parading route will run along the coast on Ponce De Leon Ct from Triple Tail Lane to Bernard Ct E.

If you are interested in being in the 2022 parade, registration will be open in January 2022. Please check this website for updates as the date approaches.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to get in touch